Sudhanshu khanna
Chicken fried momos

Best Momos in Delhi

Delhi offers various spots for tasty momos! “As food photographers, we not only enjoy capturing images of delectable dishes but also indulging in their deliciousness.” I have been there personally and can surely vouch for their taste, so here is the list of the best places for momos in Delhi.

  1. Kalsang Cafe 

  • Located in Majnu ka Tila, Kalsang Café offers some of the best momos in Delhi. Their food menu is vast and provides a variety of options to choose from. The best thing about their food is that it is authentic and very delicious. The momos at this place are very juicy, and the outer layer is very thin. Kalsang Café not only has amazing momos but also boasts a great ambiance and service that a true momo lover surely cannot miss.

Must-try : Steamed chicken momos, Dragon Momos, and their thukpas & mokthuks.

  1. Momo Maker – Lajpat Nagar. 

  • This place is a hidden gem in Lajpat Nagar when it comes to momos. Their momos are very juicy, and the filling is also very generous with a thin outer layer. They surely provide some of the best momos in Delhi at a price point of just Rs. 100 for a plate. I discovered this place when I was not a full-time food photographer. In fact, I was working in an MNC. One day, my friend from the office and I decided to go to Dolma aunty momos, but fortunately, they were closed. We found this gem, and I became their regular customer.

Must-try : Steamed Momos and Kurkure chicken momos.

  1. Momos at the Sikkim Stall in Delhi Haat

  • – During my college days, I found this place and instantly became my favorite. They provide really good quality momos, and their red chutney is really flavorful. This place is also not very expensive. In fact, at the price of Rs. 150 per plate, this place is surely worth a visit. As a food photographer, I approached them for a photoshoot at the early stage of my career. The ambiance of the Delhi Haat and their tasty momos are worth a visit.

Must-try : Steamed Momos, chicken noodles & chicken thukpa.

  1. Hunger Strike

  •  – Amar Colony. If you are looking to surprise yourself with distinct flavors and taste, you should never miss this place. Their Tandoori momos are to die for. Taste, texture, and stuffing, everything is perfect. I have been their customer since my college days, and this place has never disappointed me.

Must-try : Chicken tandoori momos & fried momos.

  1. Yeti Himalayan Kitchen

  • – This place is surely one of the celebrated places when it comes to momos and Tibetan food. I have been their customer since the start of their restaurant and an admirer of their taste. They serve a variety of momos & other Tibetan dishes, and every dish is a winner. They are a bit expensive compared to other places on this list, but their taste and ambiance are surely worth the price. As a food photographer, working and collaborating with such places is always a dream.

Must-try : Steamed momos, Wheat momos, and Aloo momos.

This is a very dedicatedly curated list by a foodie and a food photographer. I have been there personally and love their food. I hope you will try food from these places and give us feedback. To book your photoshoot with us, do contact us.