Sudhanshu khanna

Food photography backdrops – how to source them, types and DIY

In the realm of food photography, selecting the right backdrop and props is as crucial as capturing the perfect shot. Here’s a guide to sourcing and utilizing various photography backdrops and props, essential for any food photographer, whether you’re an aspiring enthusiast or on a journey to be best food photographer in the town.

  • MDF Boards:

  1. -Sourcing: MDF boards can be purchased online from various platforms, or you can find them at local hardware stores.

    -DIY Option: Save money by buying plain MDF boards and painting them yourself. This allows you to customize the colors and textures according to your photography style and food item.

  • Canvas:

  1. -Sourcing: Canvas sheets are versatile and readily available at art supply stores. In Delhi, you can find them in places like Azad market.
    -DIY Option: Purchase plain canvas sheets and experiment with painting or distressing techniques to create unique textures and patterns. The lightweight nature of canvas makes it easy to transport for on-location shoots.

  • Pastel Backdrops:

  1. -Sourcing: Pastel backdrops can be found online or at photography supply stores. They often come in a variety of colors to complement different food themes.
    -DIY Option: Create your own pastel backdrops by using poster boards or painting wooden boards with soft, muted colors. This DIY approach allows you to customize the backdrop to suit your specific aesthetic.

  • Wooden Planks:

  1. -Sourcing: Wooden planks can be purchased online from home decor or photography backdrop stores. You can also find them at local carpentry shops.
    -DIY Option: For a more budget-friendly option, source reclaimed wood or pallets and create your own wooden planks. Sand and stain them to achieve the desired rustic look, adding a unique touch to your food photography.

When sourcing or creating your backdrops, consider the theme and style you want to convey in your food photography. Experimenting with different textures, colors, and materials allows you to create a diverse portfolio of captivating images. Additionally, rotating between various backdrops keeps your photography fresh and dynamic. Whether you choose MDF boards, canvas, pastel backdrops, or wooden planks, finding or making the right backdrop is a step towards crafting visually stunning food photographs.