Sudhanshu khanna
food photography

What are the best places for photography in Delhi?

Before practicing food photography, I was a street photographer and loved going out to click pictures. However, in any genre of photography, it’s crucial to identify the right locations for desired results. My passion for food and photography has remained constant, which led me to become a professional food photographer. Whether you’re a street, fashion, architecture, or wildlife photographer, I can guide you to the perfect places for photography in Delhi.

  • Street Photography

Street photography, being highly creative, heavily relies on location for amazing pictures. Some of my favorite places include:

  1. Old Delhi: Famous not only for its delectable food but also its congested streets, vibrant people, and captivating moments.
  2. Humayun’s Tomb: Remarkable architecture and a beautiful setting offer numerous photographic opportunities.
  3. Yamuna Ghat: Thousands of migratory birds visit Delhi annually, providing photographers with splendid opportunities.
  4. Markets: Whether it’s the flower market, spice market, or vegetable market, these places are brimming with potential.

  • Architecture Photography

For architecture photography, places like Human’s Tomb, Jama Masjid, Connaught Place, Agrasen ki Baoli, and Safdarjung Tomb offer excellent opportunities.

  • Fashion Photography

Apart from studios, outdoor shoots are vital in fashion photography. Here are some noteworthy locations:

  1. Old Delhi
  2. Markets
  3. Yamuna Ghat
  4. Gardens like Sundar Nursery

  • Wildlife Photography

For wildlife enthusiasts, these locations provide a starting point:

  1. **Okhla Bird Sanctuary**
  2. **Asola Bhati Wildlife Sanctuary**
  3. **Yamuna Ghat**
  4. **Zoo**

  • Food photography

We know food photography is not what you do outside or in streets to be precise but it is done in a more controlled environment by using specific food photography backdrops, lights and food styling but if you are looking to start your journey in food photography or you just want to shoot something different or even make a food video , here are some places and suggestions that you can try

  1. Approach restaurants – if you are just a food photography enthusiast, you can approach restaurants and cafes to allow you to click some pictures of their food . Most of the cafe owners are friendly enough to allow you to click food pictures in there restaurants
  2. Travel to old Delhi – go to busy streets of old Delhi , shoot delicious food pictures while food is being cooked . Smokey kebabs , piping hot biryani being served , fresh vegetables or why not make a food video.
  3. Your home – cook and start clicking food pictures that’s how I started my photography journey, cook some amazing dishes or ask your mom to cook and start experimenting with food photography lighting and backdrops, try different compositions and figure out food styling.

I hope you found this article informative and inspiring. For inquiries or to book a shoot, feel free to reach out anytime.